By WM Michael E. Gibeault

Greeting Brothers,

Old Man Winter is just not cooperating with us this year. I think he has a pebble in his shoe and is taking it out on us. It’s tough to see daffodils and tulips starting to poke through the ground then listen to the weather man describe another Nor’easter heading our way. Of all the seasonal transitions during the year, Winter into Spring has got to be most difficult to cope with. I can faintly hear the call of the New England Snowbirds as they enjoy their last days of warm weather and prepare to migrate North once again.

Due to the inclement weather, lodge hopping was light last week. Only one stated communication visit to speak of, our brothers at Moriah 15 in Brooklyn. This coming week may be quiet as well since more questionable weather is being forecast.

This Thursday will be a movie night at the lodge. The chosen film will be “Platoon”, featuring an all-star cast of actors. Refreshments will be served and admission is free. I have not seen this movie ever so please, no spoilers.

As we all know, Saturday  31 March will be a Quarterly Communication beginning at 10:00am. Putnam officers need to look their best because pictures will be taken for prosperity. Consider getting plenty of rest the night before and donning your best suit. Save the partying and debauchery for Saturday night please (especially you, Tuffy).

I would like to thank all the brothers who have kindly donated business wear to the Career Closet program. There’s still a little time to bring something in to the collection box before it’s turned in so gather up some old ties and whatnot when you come to the quarterly.

Since Spring has finally sprung and rebirth and rejuvenation is in the air, I ask you one simple question: When is a Mason not a Mason? Answer: Never. That’s pretty obvious, I agree, but right now is a great time to ask yourselves why you became a Mason and are you fulfilling your own expectations with Masonry. Remember, Masonry without each of us is just a concept, an idea, floating in the air. Reflect upon the obligation to yourself, not to Masonry. This is what makes the flower of Freemasonry bloom from within and compels you to become a better Man and Mason.

Putnam Reminders:
*Putnam Lodge Challenge Coins are still for sale.
*Career Closet donation box for business attire.
*Citizen of the Week school supplies donations for Woodstock Middle School.

This week at Putnam Lodge:
Mar. 22, 2018 – Thursday Fellowship and Movie Night, 7:30p

Upcoming Events:

Mar. 24, 2018 – Grand Lodge Mentorship SeminarSaturday, Masonicare, Wallingford, reg: 8:30a, 9:00a – 12:00p
Mar. 25, 2018 – Moosup 113Sunday Breakfast, $8, 8:00-11:00a
Mar. 30, 2018 – CT Freemasons Family DayFriday, XL Center Hartford, Wolfpack Hockey, $15
Mar. 31, 2018 – Putnam 46 Quarterly StatedSaturday 10:00a, lunch 12:00p
Apr. 8,   2018 – Grand Lodge Banquet & Hospitality, Sunday, Cromwell Radisson, GL#: 203-679-5903
Apr. 9,   2018 – Grand Lodge Annual Meeting, Monday, 9:00a, Cromwell Radisson
Apr. 21, 2018 – Putnam Spring BBQ4:00 – 6:00p, $12, Smoked Pork, Brisket, Turkey

George Washington’s Rules of Civility
Rule #16:
Do not Puff up the Cheeks, Loll not out the tongue, rub the Hands, or beard, thrust out the lips, or bite them, or keep the Lips too open or too Close.

Thank you for your time brothers,
WM Mike

Weekly Master’s Message for 18 March, 2018

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