By WM Michael E. Gibeault

Greeting Brothers,


For those who may not have already heard, RW Ken Marvin returned home on Wednesday and is steadily returning to his old self. Hopefully he will be able to attend our Stated Communication this Saturday the 28th at 7:30pm. The Right Worshipful is not a large man by any means but is certainly one tough nut.


With all that has taken place these last few weeks, I would like to acknowledge with profound and infinite appreciation to the many Brothers of Putnam Lodge No. 46 who have stepped up their game when the proverbial chips were down. To describe this recent period as egregious or traumatic is a sore understatement. I am proud of my brothers for their untiring efforts to comfort and assist three grieving families of our lodge, done with the true brotherly love and affection that we so earnestly strive for in this fraternity – the greatest fraternity in the world. Special thanks to all the brothers who were able to prepare a side dish for Silas’ Celebration of Life. There were literally hundreds of people there and your extra effort did not go unnoticed.


Although there were many that were strong, none were as strong as the Pillar of us all, WB Barry Shead. Our brother Barry has personal ties to both the Hardings and the Bunnells so his grievous pain had to have been almost unbearable. Yet he continuously maintained his liaison role for the lodge with poise and strength, all this while whispering wise and timely counsel in my ear to keep me on the level. He also gave an amusing and heartfelt speech on behalf of our lodge during Silas’s Celebration of Life. I thank you and the entire lodge thanks you. Time for a deep breath and a long, deserved exhale.


Now that the most important issues of the last few weeks are coming to a close, the unforeseen casualty of this unfortunate period would be our trestle board schedule. We will be hammering out a new schedule in the very near future, probably by the next Weekly Master’s Message. One date will remain constant however, namely our Mother’s Day Breakfast to be held on Sunday, May 6th, 8:00am to 10:30am, $8. Senior Deacon Matt Cunningham has graciously volunteered to chair this event and will be looking for other volunteers to assist in every capacity.


SW Fred Pierce, JW Tim Loomis, and myself will be attending the 9th District Blue Lodge Council meeting on Monday, April 30th at Ionic Lodge 110 in Windham. Dinner is at 7:00pm and the meeting begins at 8:00pm. Dinner is Ham (chicken available), mac and cheese, corn, salad, and cake. Cost is $10, please make reservations by Thursday, April 26th. Program is “The National Camping Travelers” presented by Brother Ray Geer. Please join us if you can, perhaps we can steal away with the Travelling Gavel or Trowel.



Putnam Reminders:

*Putnam Lodge Challenge Coins are still for sale.

*Career Closet donation box for business attire.

*Citizen of the Week school supplies donations for Woodstock Middle School.

*You can pay your dues or make a donation online at:


This week at Putnam Lodge:

Apr. 26, 2018 – Thursday Fellowship


Upcoming Events:

Apr. 28, 2018 – Putnam 46, Saturday, Stated Communication, 7:30

Apr. 30, 2018 – Ionic Lodge 110, 9th District Blue Lodge Counsel, dinner 7:00p, meeting 8:00p

May  1, 2018 – Moosup 113, Tuesday, Stated Communication, 7:30p

May  6, 2018 – Putnam 46 Mother’s Day Breakfast, Sunday, 8:00-10:30, $8.

May  9, 2018 – Moriah 15, Wednesday, Stated Communication, 7:30p

May 11, 2018 – Corner Stone-Quinebaug 122, Friday, Stated Communication, 7:30p


George Washington’s Rules of Civility

Rule #21:

Reproach none for the Infirmities of Nature, nor Delight to Put them that have in mind thereof. 


Thank you for your time brothers,

WM Mike


Weekly Master’s Message for April 22, 2018

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