Thank you for electing me as Worshipful Master for 2021. This is a great honor to be Master of Putnam lodge.

I would like to thank the installing officers RW Peter Rinaudo and RW Rob Eubanks. They both did a wonderful job

We had a wonderful day yesterday. We kept some of the Annual meeting traditions alive. We did light the Worshipful Masters cigar. We kept a cigar burning during the election and we all had laughs with the jokes that were shared during the election. After the meeting we had wonderful meal at Grill 37 that included our famous oyster stew. 

I would like to congratulate the officers for 2021. We will have a great year. Hopefully, we can start having events this year to build brotherhood and support the lodge.

This year we will have Masonic history of Putnam lodge and Masonic education at every meeting.

For the first meeting in January we will discuss the land marks of CT Masonry and WB Barry Shead will present on Putnam lodge history.

We will continue to meet on Thursday’s to do degree rehearsals.

I would like to give a special thanks to RW John Rhoads who served Putnam Lodge as secretary for the past 10 years. He decided to step down this year and RW Rob Eubanks was elected to secretary for 2021.

The Stated Communication Dates for 2021: 

January – 23rd @1930
February – 27th @ 1930
March – 27th @ 1000 – Quarterly
April- 24th @ 1930
May – 22nd @ 1930
June – 19th @ 1000 – Quarterly
July – 17th @ 1930
August – 21st @ 1930
September – 18th @ 1000 – Quarterly
October – 16th @ 1930
November 13th @ 1930
December – 4th @ 1000 – Annual Meeting

If you have not paid your 2020 dues please send them in by Dec. 31st.

We are looking to fill a couple of chairs for 2021. If you are interested please contact me at 860-625-9144

Fraternally yours,
Carl J. Mossberg

Weekly Master’s Message for December 6, 2020

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