By WB Christopher D. Mayhew Sr.

Each week at Woodstock Middle School a student from each grade level will be selected by myself to receive the Good Citizen of the Week Award.  At which time the chosen students will come down to the main office and select an item out of a fish tank containing various school supplies donated by the local Masonic Lodge, Putnam Lodge #46.  The selection of the individuals will be as a result of observed good qualities exhibited by certain students during the week.  Being kind to others, respecting the flag, helping a friend in need, volunteering in the classroom are all examples of behaviors that are monitored.  This event begins after winter break, January 2017.  The purpose of this program is not only to improve student’s awareness of qualities it takes to be a good citizen, but also to build relationships within our community.

*Note*  WB Mayhew Sr.  is the physical education teacher at Woodstock Middle School celebrating his 30th year of teaching.

Items that are needed:

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Small notebooks
  • Any small item that could be used by 5-8 grade students.