Written by Mike Dodge

Past Masters of Putnam Lodge #46

For much of Putnam Lodge’s history, the term of office of a Worshipful Master was two years (as opposed to the present single year term of office), and this tradition was in use up through the 1940’s.  While it was not unusual that a Master served only one year, and some served for three consecutive years, more often than not a Master served for a two year term (or perhaps even multiple, consecutive two year terms).

Those Past Masters whose name is preceded by an asterisk (*) are deceased.

1801 *Lemuel Grovesnor Pomfret
1802 *Lemuel Grovesnor Pomfret
1803 *Lemuel Grovesnor Pomfret
1804 *Lemuel Grovesnor Pomfret
1805 *Evan Malbone Pomfret
1806 *MW Thomas Hubbard Pomfret
1807 *MW Thomas Hubbard Pomfret
1808 *MW Thomas Hubbard Pomfret
1809 *MW Thomas Hubbard Pomfret
1810 *MW Thomas Hubbard Pomfret
1811 *John W. Judson Ashford
1812 *Renssalear Child Woodstock
1813 *Renssalear Child Woodstock
1814 *Renssalear Child Woodstock
1815 *Charles L. Webb Pomfret
1816 *Ingoldsby W. Crawford Union
1817 *Ingoldsby W. Crawford Union
1818 *Walter Jaynes Ashford
1819 *Ingoldsby W. Crawford Union
1820 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1821 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1822 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1823 *Joseph Palmer Ashford
1824 *Asa May Woodstock
1825 *Asa May Woodstock
1826 *Andrew A. Williams Woodstock
1827 *Andrew A. Williams Woodstock
1828 *Ezra Child Woodstock
1829 *Ezra Child Woodstock
1830 *John Fowler Woodstock
1831 *John Fowler Woodstock
1832 *Rufus Mathewson Brooklyn
1833 *Rufus Mathewson Brooklyn
1834 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1835 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1836 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1837 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1838 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1839 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1840 *Mowry Amsbury Killingly
1841 *Mowry Amsbury Killingly
1842 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1843 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1844 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1845 *Luther Rawson Woodstock
1846 *Mowry Amsbury Killingly
1847 *Mowry Amsbury Killingly
1848 *Jabez Amsbury Killingly
1849 *Jabez Amsbury Killingly
1850 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1851 *Samuel Underwood Pomfret
1852 *Benjamin Allard Thompson
1853 *Isaac H. Coe Killingly
1854 *Darius Day Pomfret
1855 *Darius Day Pomfret
1856 *William Clapp Pomfret
1857 *William Clapp Pomfret
1858 *Albert Underwood Pomfret
1859 *Albert Underwood Pomfret
1860 *William H. Copp Killingly
1861 *William H. Copp Killingly
1862 *William H. Copp Killingly
1863 *William H. Copp Killingly
1864 *William H. Copp Killingly
1865 *William H. Copp Killingly
1866 *Samuel M. Fenner Woodstock
1867 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1868 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1869 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1870 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1871 *Ralph J. Sabin Pomfret
1872 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1873 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1874 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1875 *Paris H. Aldrich Thompson
1876 *Findley M. Fox Woodstock
1877 *RW Sidney D. Watters Pomfret
1878 *RW Sidney D. Watters Pomfret
1879 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1880 *Erastus Blackmar Woodstock
1881 *Erastus Blackmar Woodstock
1882 *Erastus Blackmar Woodstock
1883 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1884 *RW Erastus H. Wells Woodstock
1885 *Ralph J. Sabin Pomfret
1886 *Ralph J. Sabin Pomfret
1887 *O. Hoyt Curtis Thompson
1888 *Ralph J. Sabin Pomfret
1889 *George M. Sampson Woodstock
1890 *George M. Sampson Woodstock
1891 *Ralph J. Sabin Pomfret
1892 *David Aldrich Woodstock
1893 *William A. Weaver Woodstock
1894 *William A. Weaver Woodstock
1895 *Joseph Spalding Woodstock
1896 *Joseph Spalding Woodstock
1897 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1898 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1899 *Arthur E. Frissell Woodstock
1900 *Arthur E. Frissell Woodstock
1901 *William H. Chandler Woodstock
1902 *William H. Chandler Woodstock
1903 *Charles S. Sheldon Woodstock
1904 *Charles S. Sheldon Woodstock
1905 *Charles S. Sheldon Woodstock
1906 *Wayland W. Sheldon Woodstock
1907 *Wayland W. Sheldon Woodstock
1908 *Willis Covell Pomfret
1909 *Robert E. Harris Woodstock
1910 *Robert E. Harris Woodstock
1911 *George W. Butts Woodstock
1912 *George W. Butts Woodstock
1913 *Harry E. Wells Woodstock
1914 *Harry E. Wells Woodstock
1915 *Harry E. Wells Woodstock
1916 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1917 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1918 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1919 *Henry T. Wells Woodstock
1920 *Frank Johnston Woodstock
1921 *Frank Johnston Woodstock
1922 *George W. Davis Woodstock
1923 *Martin A. Nelson Woodstock
1924 *Martin A. Nelson Woodstock
1925 *George D. Young Woodstock
1926 *George D. Young Woodstock
1927 *Henry F. Joy Woodstock
1928 *RW J. Frederick Ash Pomfret
1929 *Fitz Henry Paine Pomfret
1930 *Fitz Henry Paine Pomfret
1931 *John Wetherbee Pomfret
1932 *Roland E. Baker Pomfret
1933 *Roland E. Baker Pomfret
1934 *Charles H. Buell Eastford
1935 *Charles H. Buell Eastford
1936 *Vernon T. Wetherell Woodstock
1937 *Harry W. Rutishauser Woodstock
1938 *C. Leonard Anderson Woodstock
1939 *RW Fordyce G. Hilton, Sr. Pomfret
1940 *MW John H. Smith Eastford
1941 *MW John H. Smith Eastford
1942 *Ralph G. Bunnell Eastford
1943 *Ralph G. Bunnell Eastford
1944 *John F. Ash, Jr. Putnam
1945 *John F. Ash, Jr. Putnam
1946 *George C. Farquhar Central Village
1947 *George C. Farquhar Central Village
1948 *Harold D. Carpenter Eastford
1949 *Howard R. Baker Pomfret
1950 *Stanley S. Sheldon, Sr. Pomfret
1951 *Raymond E. Anderson Woodstock
1952 *Howard V. Neff Woodstock
1953 *Joseph W. Petersen Woodstock
1954 *Frank C. Slye Pomfret
1955 *Walter W. Green Pomfret
1956 *RW Marvin A. Barrett Woodstock
1957 *RW Henry B. Cole Woodstock
1958 *RW Raymond C. Voght Pomfret
1959 Llewellyn N. Winslow Pomfret
1960 *H. John Wells Woodstock
1961 RW Kenneth W. Marvin Woodstock
1962 *David P. Peterson Pomfret
1963 *Kermit B. Howe Pomfret
1964 Stanley H. Dingwell Pomfret
1965 *Ellery T. Baker Pomfret
1966 *George C. Holt Woodstock
1967 *Howard R. Baker Pomfret
1968 *Charles E. Naylor Pomfret
1969 Edwin F. Sheldon Putnam
1970 *Fordyce G. Hilton, Jr. Pomfret
1971 *Donald C. Walberg Woodstock
1972 *James R. Hilton Eastford
1973 Ellis H. Paine Woodstock
1974 *Fred C. Harraden Putnam
1975 *Lawrence R. Hilton Pomfret
1976 G. Tod Stevenson Woodstock
1977 Dana F. Basto Eastford
1978 *David P. Peterson Pomfret
1979 *David P. Peterson Pomfret
1980 *Fred C. Harraden Putnam
1981 *James H. Fish Woodstock
1982 David T. Higgins Killingly
1983 *MW Stanley S. Sheldon, Jr. Pomfret
1984 John O. Brandt, Jr. Pomfret
1985 *MW Stanley S. Sheldon, Jr. Pomfret
1986 John O. Brandt, Jr. Pomfret
1987 Keith L. Knowlton Brooklyn
1988 *RW Thurman P. Sharples, Jr. Thompson
1989 Eugene A. Roure, Jr. Pomfret
1990 David C. Philippi Woodstock
1991 Garry B. Carabeau Eastford
1992 Barry N. Shead Pomfret
1993 William J. Wright Woodstock
1994 Paul G. McCoy, III Pomfret
1995 *Dean E. Bunnell Eastford
1996 Evan L. Morgan Killingly
1997 James N. Platt, Jr. Pomfret
1998 Barry L. Kromer Woodstock
1999 *Elais G. Farquhar, Jr. Woodstock
2000 Steven D. Bell Woodstock
2001 *Frederick H. Noll Woodstock
2002 RW Michael B. Dodge Woodstock
2003 RW John S. Rhoads Brooklyn
2004 Theodore C. Rupar Brooklyn
2005 Gregory H. Paine Woodstock
2006 *Richard A. Booth Pomfret
2007 Barry L. Kromer Woodstock
2008 RW John S. Rhoads Brooklyn
2009 Theodore C. Rupar Brooklyn
2010 Kenneth A. Salo Woodstock
2011 Christopher D. Mayhew, Sr. Woodstock
2012 *Dean E. Bunnell Eastford
2013 Cary W. Bentley Woodstock
2014 Robert S. Eubanks Eastford
2015 RW Peter A. Rinaudo E. Greenwich, RI
2016 Kenneth A. Richards Eastford
Christopher D. Mayhew, Sr. Woodstock
2018 Michael E. Gibeault Brooklyn
2019 William F. Pierce III Sterling
2020 Matthew R. Cunningham Mansfield
2021 RW Carl J. Mossberg Groton